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Food Allergies at Disney World

By Mandy | March 19, 2009

We had the best experience with Disney World.  We have food allergies in our family and we were concerned about eating in the many different restaurants in Disney World.  We made reservations at each restaurant and told them that we had food allergies.  After sitting down the head chef in each restaurant except China came out and talked with us about our special allergy needs.  We were so impressed that the head chef would take time out to talk with us and make us feel comfortable with the food choices.  They told us what to stay away from and what was safe to eat. In some cases they even prepared our meal in a separate kitchen so that there would be no peanut or tree nut contamination.  They totally put our fears to rest and we actually enjoyed every meal with out worrying. 

Disney know how to go above and beyond in helping out families with special dietary needs.  They not only consult with nut allergies, but any allergy including wheat, latex and soy.  What a relief for families that need a little extra help and peace of mind.

One of the best places for more information is allears.net

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