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Gingerbread House

By Mandy | December 21, 2008

pThis year J has been very involved with the holidays and all the crazy things to go with them.nbsp; He loved Halloween and craving pumpkins and decorating a Halloween tree.nbsp; So with Christmas around the corner we thought we had better start some traditions so that he will have something to look forward to each year.nbsp; /p pWe decided to make gingerbread men and let J decorate them.nbsp; I made Tyler go to the store in a major snowstorm because we were out of Mamp;M and Skittles.nbsp; We then cut out the cookies and decorated them.nbsp; I had some dough left over so we thought we would make a gingerbread train and let J decorate it. Well I am not an engineer so I couldn’t figure out how to make a train in 3-D.nbsp; We looked on the Internet and the patterns looked too complicated.nbsp; We just made our own pattern ofnbsp; a simple gingerbread house.nbsp; /p pJ was so excited to decorate it. But a little problem, in order for the house to stand we had to build it with Royal frosting.nbsp; I don’t know how to make Royal frosting, so back to the Internet to find a recipe.nbsp;nbsp; Then the little problem of letting the walls set so we could put on the roof.nbsp; Long story short it took us until the next day to be able to decorate the house with the lopsided roof.nbsp; A pattern would be nice next year./p pGrandpa and Grandma came down and helped us decorate with more candy than any family of three should have.nbsp; Grandpa and J thought it was funny to put mini chocolate chips on the front yard of the gingerbread house and call it Reindeer poop.nbsp; They got a good half hour laugh out of that one.nbsp; I hope I make it through all these boys and their humor./p pThe house looks great and J likes to sneak in and sample the “Reindeer poop”.nbsp; He thinks he is so funny.nbsp; /p

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