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By Mandy | September 14, 2008


I love to read as most people know.  I am always running out of books and wondering what I am going to read next.  Thanks to my friends I now belong to a fun web site called goodreads.com.   I like to see what everyone is reading and get good ideas for what I want to read next. 

Today is really the first time I have ever played on the site.  I figured out how to post books and reviews.  Tyler helped me figure out a couple of other technical things.  I have had fun writing reviews and actually thinking about what I learned from those books.  I can’t wait to add more books. I am always looking for the next great book to read.

I just finished the book Uglies.  It was a great book about a future society who makes everyone equal by making them pretty at age 16.  It’s interesting the struggle the characters have about being pretty or staying ugly.  A great read!

Check out goodreads and have fun reading!

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