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Eating while on Vacation

By Mandy | February 12, 2008

When we travel to different places it seems to revolve around food.  When were were in Switzerland we loved eating  Raclette Cheese on bread.  Tyler liked it on the pickles and sweet onions.(yuck!)  In Hawaii it was all about the shave ice at Waiola’s and the malasadas(sweet Portuguese doughnuts) at Leonard’s in Honolulu.  If you give me a city that we have traveled to, I could tell you a great place to eat or get a snack.  I think that if you don’t take the time to sample the food then you are missing a great part of the vacation.  I have friends who refuse to eat out while on vacation. They like to cook and clean up while they are traveling.  I don’t think so, half the fun is to try something new.  I am on vacation and don’t cook. 

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